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Mil-Spec Tapes

We also carry in stock for immediate shipment most sizes of MIL SPEC TAPES are per ASTM-D-5486 TYPE IV (Formerly PPP-T-60 Type IV) and ASTM-D-5486 TYPE V, (Formerly PPP-T-76). Along with many others.


Description Old Spec New Spec
Colored, Film Back PPP-T-60 TY.3 CL.1 PPP-T-60 TY.3 CL.1
Transparent, Film Back PPP-T-60 TY.3 CL.2 PPP-T-60 TY.3 CL.2
Colored, Woven Cloth PPP-T-60 TY.4 CL.1 ASTM D TYPE IV
Extensible Kraft Flat Paper PPP-T-76C ASTM D 5486 TYPE V
Medium Tack, Rubber-Based Adhesive AA-883 ASTM D 6123
Reinforced Gum Tape PPP-T-45 TY.2 PPP-T-45 TY.2
Filament Tape PPP-T-97 ASTM D 5330

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