MIL-PRF-131K Class 2 48"x200 Yards

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MIL-PRF-131K Cl.2 is a laminated Foil and Kraft barrier material with polyethylene.  MIL-PRF-131 Class 2 is useful in a variety of applications including wrapping of electronic components, aerospace and military instruments, machinery, and many more.

Foil/kraft Material:

      • Non-hazardous and capable protecting parts from moisture and water vapor.
      • Kraft outer material provides a greaseproof solution.
      • meant for long term storage of moisture sensitive products.

Substrate material:

    • Foil is an excellent barrier material with a WVTR of .00005g/100 sq in/24hrs
    • waterproof, water vapor proof, and greaseproof 
    • Meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-131K Class 2


  • 36” Wide x 200 Yard long roll
  • Comes packed in a 48”x10”x10” box weighing 75 lbs
  • Up to 25 Rolls per Pallet

NOTE:  The MIL-PRF-131K specification has been revised by the military and is now MIL-PRF-131L.  Revisions such as this are common, the material remains the same.